Our facial expressions, particularly those involving the forehead and eyes, can reveal our emotional state. Wrinkles naturally develop as we age and our skin loses its elasticity. As a result, lines from facial expressions become more pronounced and may remain etched on the skin.

Treatment at Cutexx Skin Clinic for Frown and Worry Lines

At Cutexx Skin Clinic in Silchar Assam, we aim to address these lines by relaxing the muscles around the eyes to create a fresh, relaxed, and rejuvenated appearance. This approach helps reduce forehead lines.

In addition, we use dermal fillers to smoothen both forehead and frown lines. These hydrating fillers effectively treat deeper lines that persist even after Botox injections. Combining deeper chemical peels with minimal downtime and Botox produces excellent results. Other treatments that help improve the lines include:

  • Botox 
  • CACI Treatment
  • Dermaroller 
  • Oxygen Facial Treatment 
  • Accent Ultra Skin Tightening RF

WHY CUTEXX SKIN CLINIC FOR Forehead Lines Treatment?

We at Cutexx Skin Clinic our doctors specialize in treating frown and worry lines. We listen to your concerns and help you choose the most suitable treatment based on your goals and the desired recovery time. We strive to provide realistic and achievable outcomes for the treatment.

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Dr. Kinnor Das, MBBS, MD, is a specialist in Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy. With extensive training and experience in these areas, Dr. Das is dedicated to providing exceptional care to his patients.