What is Corns ?

Corns are small, round areas of thickened skin that typically develop on the feet, toes, or hands. They are often caused by repeated friction or pressure on the skin, leading to the formation of a hardened, cone-shaped core. There are two main types of corns: hard corns, which develop on the tops or sides of toes, and soft corns, which form between toes where the skin is moist.

Symptoms of Corns:

  • Pain or tenderness at the site of the corn, especially when pressure is applied.
  • A hardened, raised bump with a central core.
  • Discomfort or difficulty wearing shoes, particularly if the corn is located on a weight-bearing area of the foot.

Corn Removal Methods:

  • Podiatric intervention: A podiatrist can safely remove corns using specialized instruments, such as a scalpel or curette, in a sterile environment.
  • Cryotherapy: Freezing the corn with liquid nitrogen to destroy the affected tissue.
  • Laser therapy: Using laser energy to target and remove the corn while minimizing damage to surrounding skin.


At Cutexx Skin Clinic, our expert team specializes in effective corn removal treatments, providing personalized care to alleviate discomfort and restore healthy, smooth skin.

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