What is Ear Piercing ?

Ear piercing is a form of body modification where a needle is used to create a hole in the earlobe or other parts of the ear to insert jewelry. This practice is one of the oldest and most widespread forms of body adornment, with evidence of ear piercings dating back thousands of years across various cultures.

Types of Ear Piercings :

  1. Lobe Piercing: The most common type, located on the fleshy lower part of the ear.
  2. Helix Piercing: Done on the upper cartilage of the ear.
  3. Industrial Piercing: Consists of two holes connected by a single piece of jewelry, typically a barbell, on the upper ear.
  4. Tragus Piercing: Located on the small piece of cartilage that partially covers the ear canal.
  5. Daith Piercing: Done on the innermost fold of the ear’s cartilage.
  6. Rook Piercing: Positioned on the upper inner ridge of the ear.
  7. Conch Piercing: Can be inner or outer, located in the middle part of the ear cartilage.
  8. Orbital Piercing: Two holes connected by one piece of jewelry, often seen in the lobe or cartilage.


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